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Taxi 6-000-000

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“Taxi 6 000 000” is a modern taxi service in Saint-Petersburg with special options for enterprise customers. The app makes a taxi order quick and easy.
App features:

  • No need to sign-up.
  • Car tracking - order info and cost are displayed on interactive map.
  • Taxi order without specifying the destination.
  • Complex route with several addresses.
  • Favorite places for faster ordering.
  • Bonus and referral system.

Also there are special in-app features for enterprise clients. They can:

  • Create and edit users in their company.
  • Assign roles: manager, secretary or ordinary user.
  • View order history for selected period of time.
  • Download financial reports such as bill, act of providing services and reconciliation act.
  • Make a cashback.


Website: Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sidekiq, Websockets, EventMachine, NewRelic, Firebird, Google Maps, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout.js, lodash.

iOS app: iOS SDK, Swift, Objective-C, SocketRocket, Google Maps.

Android app: Android SDK, Google Maps.