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For start-ups we can offer an outsource department of project development and management. Introduction of such a department will cut down the costs by 60% compared to the upkeep of an independent IT-group. Moreover, launching time will be shortened by one third.

Our studio will provide the whole range of operations: prototyping, projecting, design, programming, server administration, testing, business analysis and product management.

M.Kechinov's web development studio has been developing start-ups since 2006. We have gained a lot of experience in running projects, both our own and clients', so we can help any start-up to avoid pitfalls and typical mistakes, to point out major advantages over opponents, to optimize technologies and business processes. For our clients, either it's a businessman who has received investments for his idea, or a representative of an advanced business, we provide help in business-model elaboration, technical project development, further support and maintenance. Due to our studio's experience your project is sure to be a success.

Technological investments

M.Kechinov's web development studio can perform as a technical investor for web-start-ups. We will take responsibility for product management and project development at price of 5%-20% share with your business. By default, a start up will repay the cost value of the operations, but we are willing to discuss any ways of cooperation. We do not indent to participate in company's management, but we reserve a right to create a project concept and to recommend on its promotion.

In this case, a start-up has an experienced team as a partner who covers an independent area of work and minimizes technical risks. By agreement, the studio can take care of investments mobilization.

Invested projects: Freshle Mentor, HappyPartner, BizCards, I-Language.

Prototype development

To reduce time and expenses on project launching to the market our studio uses prototyping which is a creation of a basic project or a pure idea. A prototype can serve as a demo version for specialized audience of potential buyers, investors as well as for a general public in accordance with its aim.

The development of a simplified project-version will solve a problem of  shortcuts and reveal narrow aspects of business-model and a general idea. It takes no more than 2 month to create a prototype.