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Twijector is a service for twitter-broadcasts on events.

All you need to do is to connect a computer to a projector, indicate your hash-tag and switch your browser to full screen mode by pressing F11 button.

Possibilities of Twijector usage:

  • conferences;
  • sports events;
  • entertainments;
  • news stands.

You can show any twits that contain a definite hash-tag on a big screen, thus drawing more attention to your event and increasing the event audience by those who do not attend it, but follow it on Twitter. Moreover, participants can twit key theses in real time.

Twijector - twitter broadcasting for events

Delivered Functions:

  • broadcasting of 3 hash-tags at a time;
  • auto-following;
  • sms-twitting;
  • stop words auto-blocker;
  • manual spammers blockage.
Service have using in events world-wide.