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Website: hipway.ru

Information on the most interesting trips in a single catalog.

This is a website for those, who are sick and tired with package tours to Turkey hotels. HipWay can take you to a fishing trip in Krasnodarsky region, to lemurs catching on Madagaskar or to rafting on the nearby river.

HipWay has already become “The Site of The Day” on Rambler and on the “Echo of Moscow” radio.

Underwater trips with sharks, maximum safe trips to the most dangerous places of the planet, a quiet life in the taiga, a two-week safari in the desert — these and similar tours can be found in this site’s catalog.

If you know some interesting and unusual way to spend time, then, probably, it’s worth trying to become a travel planner and to transform your knowledge into money with HipWay. You can organize journeys, plan their dates in the most optimal way, together with travelers, and earn money from it.