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Specialization and Technologies

We have a lot of experience in project development in the following fields: e-learning, tourism, loyalty systems, e-commerce, home finances, social networking, commodity exchange, collaborative filtering tools, feed aggregators, home finances, discount services, online classified advertisements and others.

Our studio works with major projects with an excess demand in expansibility and efficiency. Our technologies are:

Web development:

Web development is one of the most promising aspects of building web applications for the last 10 years. The number of online-based businesses and businesses that use internet for the process automation has grown immensely.

To create web-projects we use the following:

  • Linux, FreeBSD;
  • PHP, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, YII;
  • Ruby, Rails;
  • Javascript, jQuery;
  • HTML5, CSS.

Mobile Development

Applications for mobile platforms are getting more popular together with mobile internet development. As a rule, our mobile platforms applications are an integral part of large-scale web-projects.

We deal with the following platforms:

  • iPhone, iPad;
  • Android;
  • Windows Phone 7;
  • PhoneGap;
  • Rhodes.


We use Apache Mahout in tasks of personalization data. We process data to make recommendations and predictions in: 

  • Content filtering;
  • News recommendation;
  • E-commerce;
  • Travel;
  • Media (books, movies, music);
  • Education.
Personalization increase sales in e-commerce up to 30% and content consumption up to 70%. It is strong and complex science and we work with it.

Applications for Social Networking

Usage of social networking applications is a great way to shorten time for drawing users' attention. Customers are more willing to try new services in familiar surroundings. Some projects require just an application without developing their own web-resources.

We work with:

  • Facebook;
  • LinkedIn.
  • VK.com;
  • Odnoklasskini;


More and more desktop applications analogues go online. The network is becoming safer, faster and cheaper. One needs just a browser on the desktop to use a lot of applications: GoogleDocs instead of an office pack, Pixlr instead of a graphics editor as well as some accounting applications.

Another advantage of Saas is an opportunity to rent an application for a desired period of time. Instead of buying a full version of an online store, one can rent it for just a 30$ a month. Instead of buying and setting up a personal mail agent and struggling with spam-messages, one can host a comparative mail on a rented mail server.


We use Agile/Scrum technology.

The work is based on a short specification, and during the development both the team and our client have an opportunity to customize the technology and project idea taking into consideration users' reaction and market changes. Putting aside extra modules and functions, Agile/Scrum technology helps to cut down expenses and time to reveal detailed requirements and most importantly to launch the product on a tight schedule.

There is an opposite method of work which is to act with a full abidance to a detailed technical assignment. This attitude can be applied when technical requirements, processes and operations are set in advance.