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Our studio has a lot of experience in outsource development, in particular - in the creation of outsource engineering departments of the product development and management. Russian and foreign companies trust us in creation and development of their products in various spheres such as: tourism, e-commerce, loyalty systems, home finances and many others.

Outsource software development by the company, that has proper experience and resources, costs 60% less than implementation and upkeep of an independent IT-department. The mature team of first-rate programming specialists and project-managers saves 20% of time calculated for origination and realization of the product.

We can provide the proper confidentiality and quality of the source code which allows transference to an internal development team.

Auditing and consulting within the field of web projects and mobile designing

The studio analyzes the current condition of the given product. According to the results we tender a report containing recommendations about the improvement of the creating process, business ideas, management, implementation of new functions. This analysis and recommendations are conducted according to the situation on the market and opponents’ comparison, and also possible ways of reducing the costs.

Complex web and mobile applications development

Our studio’s main area of work is web development. We develop complex web-projects taking into consideration future upload and paying much attention to security settings. Our main rule is: the simpler - the better meaning that the interface has to be simple and convenient for any business logic.

We also develop mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7. In addition to that, we usually connect these applications with the back-end for data storage and processing.

System integration

Very often new software distribution meets with resistance of company members. The studio will provide on-the-job training for your employees to tune up data communication within different departments and personnel.

Project realization in the market

The majority of projects launched by our company are intended for general public. After launching the project informational surge takes place, and users visit the resource in a undulating manner. The difference in number of web visitors per day may vary from one hundred to dozens of thousands of people. We can oversee such situations and optimize the project for such a great demand beforehand. Moreover, together with the client we choose perfect timing and resource to attract potential clients.

Project support and maintenance

After finishing development of the first version the studio fully maintains the project. We take a responsibility for the process development, consulting services in constantly changing competitive environment, server administration. We save you from the necessity of building and upkeeping your own team, so that you get an opportunity to save money on part-time services. Accordingly, you cut down expenses on idle employees if volume of work decreases. In addition to that, we assure you that your project is run only by qualified and trusted specialists.

If your company organizes its own development centre, the studio passes all necessary data over to new specialists and conducts primary acquaintance with the project.