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Happy Partner


This a tool to manage gifts for your company's  personnel, clients and partners. Online application for offline-business loyalty management.  

This service helps to plan personal gifts for personnel and clients, to set up and follow the annual budget for loyalty management. Gift preparation costs will reduce by 5 mouse clicks.

Emotional presents will sell your products and services and souvenir costs will perish in the past.

The best business accelerator is recommendations of happy customers. You get a tool which enhances their loyalty.

The accountant department will breathe with relief when they receive a single contract instead of hundreds of checks for gifts which cannot be posted as operating expenses.

In the system there is a tool to analyze preferences based on interests, horoscopes, names and a short summary provided by a conradulant. The system offers presents that a person is likely to enjoy.

Some Modules are being developed for type CRM which connect to the main system.