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Vite Me

Vite.me  is a website and a mobile application for iPhone and Android that improves the process of communication among members of  conferences, events and other groups of people gathered in one place at the same time. The functions are as follows::

  • search for geographically closest events;
  • communication and exchange of contacts among the members of these events;
  • immediate distribution of presentations, media-files, and other materials among members;
  • distribution of partner programs and discount coupons via mobile devices.

The whole system aims at quick acquaintance with this mobile application without its installation. One is to click vite.me on his cell phone and open a mobile version that looks just like a mobile application. No registration is required.

To get a free trial one can install an application for his iPhone or Android.

For portable computers, planchets, laptops and net books there is a more convenient for a big screen version of the program.

The system is aimed at USA users with a further expansion in Europe and Russia.