Michael Kechinov's startups development studio


Michael Kechinov`s Studio offers outsource department of web development and project management for innovative companies. We are experts in the blockchain, smart contracts, machine learning, AI, personalization and big data.

Since 2006 we have gained a lot of experience in designing and launching projects which ensures the success of any company's business.

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Recent projects

Current development

  • Processing Blockchain game
  • Processing RTB platform
  • Processing Edu management
  • Free place  


KupiKupon Mobile

We run mobile apps for KupiKupon


REES46 – personalisation in e-commerce

We run personalisation technology for e-commerce.


LikeHack Mobile

We run mobile apps for LikeHack


Croice and Cup.li

We run Croice


Wall & Main

We run Wall & Main


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Start-up development, elaboration of complex web-sites. Michael Kechinov's Startups Development Studio

Michael Kechinov's startups development studio deals with major development of start-ups, online stores and auctions, databases, social networking, iPhone, iPad, Android applications and other complex specialized services.